The training seminar will take place in Portugal, as the facility has been completely renovated and currently offers all the necessary conditions to host this type of event (two auditoriums, equipped computer rooms, meeting and working rooms). In addition, the Portuguese Teacher Training Center has already undertaken to take charge of the organization (planning, budgeting, registration, materials, advertising, ...) and the participant's certification. The recipients are the teachers of each partner institution who have not yet benefited directly from the grants allocated to previous training mobilities. These teachers will be responsible for the replication of the process, the instruments and the results of the project to other teachers in their region and country. In addition, the training event will also be open to European education staff and will be disseminated on the digital platforms available for this purpose. Thus, other national and international participants will join the 8 teachers in mobility (2 in mobility per country). Working groups will be formed based on the number of final entries. Two separate parts are planned for this training. A first, practical, in the form of training workshops for the sharing of good practices that gave rise to this common construction. Participants will learn to: - create new educational pathways and georeference them;
- introduce new pathways and associated information on the website and on the application for the android system;
- use digital educational tools;
- experiment the instruments with a field trip, in order to understand their educational potential.
The second part will be in the form of a seminar for the presentation of the project, the instruments produced and it's benefits. Education specialists will be invited to speak about education technology. The seminar will also be attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education, the City Hall, the University of the Algarve, IT companies and associations (tourism, sports, handicap associations). Journalists from the press, radio and television will also be invited to disseminate and promote the results of the partnership's work.
The establishment of Martinique will coordinate the work of the Portuguese colleagues and will share its know-how in dissemination with them for the success of this international projection seminar, which will be a highlight of the project's dissemination, the tools created and Educational practices of the partnership. Number of participants: 50 to 100; Training and trainees will be evaluated and the participants certified.